My name is Patti Paulson, I joined the Gull Wing Group in 1999 when we got our Gull Wing. I wasn't sure if I would like being part of a car club, but I have enjoyed my involvement over the years. Since 1998 (when my husband joined the club), I have helped him host an annual picnic at our home for the Northern California Chapter of the GWG. Almost every year since I joined, I have helped with registration at the GWG convention and, in 2008, I helped host the convention in Sonoma, California. I joined the GWG Convention Committee last year and have attended many board meetings over the years.

I don't work on these cars, but I do enjoy driving them and I really enjoy the social aspect of the club. I have many years experience working with not-for-profit boards and I want to bring that spirit of teamwork to the board.

I am looking forward to continuing to serve as a director.